What is Pendulum Dowsing and What’s It Good For?

Pendulum Dowsing is a pretty powerful yet simple way to gain self insight. It is inexpensive simple way to start with dowsing and divination.  

A dowsing pendulum is normally a rock or crystal that hangs from a type of string or chain and is used for getting material and spiritual insight. In previous years dowsing was used to find water, many of us have heard of a dowsing wand. 

Dowsing works connecting to the unconscious mind. We ask a question and our unconscious mind responds by influencing our outward body to express our inner knowing. This is a simple yet effective way to start the practice of divination.

Pendulum dowsing is best used for finding the answers to simple yet straight forward questions. Many people use the pendulum to find missing objects, choosing a career path, becoming more aware of your feelings and dreams. 

Choosing the correct pendulum is based on what you want from your pendulum below are examples of what different pendulums are used for. 

Spiritual Awaking