Amethyst Meaning and Properties

Amethyst is an incredibly popular gem and it has been for may years. You may also know that the Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February. You can find this stone for sale in many ways such as small tumbled stones, larger and faceted stones, as well as in clusters. The reason for the color of this gem is is because of the iron that is present in that type of Quartz.

video courtesy of AtPerrys Healing Crystals

Metaphysical Aspect
Metaphysically people believe the benefits of amethysts include relaxing the mind, enhancing mental activity, and giving strength and willpower for following passions and resisting undesirable habits. Physically, these gems are thought by many to help with weight loss.

Similar to fluorite amethyst is a mediative calming stone due to its calming properties. 

Natural Amethyst Cluster Point
It is a beautiful stone and popular for anyone who works with crystals for spiritual purposes.