Crown Chakra Healing

The crown or the seventh chakra is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra gives us access to a higher state of consciousness and opens us to what is beyond what is seen into a deeper consciousness.

Color– White or violet

Organs and functions connected to the Crown Chakra– Head, brain, ears, eyes, pineal gland, skeletal and muscular systems as well as the skin.

lotus flower crown chakra opening

Having an overactive crown chakra can lead a person to be so preoccupied with the spiritual that the present is neglected. The individual may become disconnected with their own body. 

An underactive chakra can lead to rigid, selfish and spiritually unaware. There is general depression, lack of joy and loss of meaning or identity in his/her life. Blocked Crown Chakra can also lead to selfish thoughts, inability to see the bigger picture in life and a general lack of values and ethics.

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