How e-cloths work - A Revolutionary Way to Clean

Perfect Chemical Free Cleaning With Just Water, 99% Antibacterial

I can tell you a lot of specific and fancy words or I can be just plain and honest. I love these cloths. I purchased the 8 piece starter set a few years back. I fell in love. I can actually feel the cloths cleaning. It feels different than using your typical cloth and cleaning supplies. 

The kitchen cloth - I love the color and the little scrubby pad on the corner.

The glass and polishing cloth - I love the way it cleans - it even makes my arm feel like I'm getting a bit of a work out!! win-win :) 

The range & stove top cloth is amazing!! Cleaning my stove is never going to be fun for me or on my top 10 favorites chores but this does make it much easier. 

The dusting cloth - I'll be honest here it is not a favorite of mine, I like to use those little dusting poof things that go at the end of an antenna looking bar. 

The bathroom cloth - I'm still on the fence about that one - it cleans amazing but it feels odd not using cleaning supplies in that room.

The dish sponge has to be one of my favorites - I love using it it makes it so much easier to wash dishes and cleans so easily. 

I am working on getting the full line - but have not been able to yet. I will keep you posted and hope to carry the entire line soon!! 

Below is the technical stuff lol

Why Choose e-cloth?

At e-cloth, we don’t like to say we sell cleaning cloths, we sell Chemical Free Cleaning. This isn’t some marketing gimmick and we’re not an As Seen On TV disappointment that you hear about on the evening news - In fact,e-cloth is featured in the May issue of Real Simple and has been rated Best of the Best in three separate categories! Chemical Free Cleaning isn’t a product as much as a lifestyle change. Choosing to clean differently in order to clean better with less effort, and make your home safer by eliminating toxic chemicals.

e-cloth is just a better cloth and a better clean!

Perfect Chemical Free Cleaning With Just Water, 99% Antibacterial - e-cloth

Scientifically Better

The best microfiber cloths on the market have between 90,000 and 200,000 fibers per square inch (MOST cloths being sold only have 25,000-75,000). e-cloths have 3.1 Million* fibers per inch. This is possible because we developed a better manufacturing process – using technology to be better. Why are fibers important? The cloths are made of polyester and nylon, so they don’t “absorb” anything. Water, dirt, oil, grease, grime and even bacteria are trapped within the fibers – so the more fibers you have the better the cloth works. Think of it as millions of tiny hands grabbing onto everything on the surface of your counter-top or sink.

The cloth is also proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from a hard surface.  These cloths don’t kill bacteria, they collect bacteria from surfaces.  This is another benefit of all of those fibers – they literally scrape the surface clean at a microbial level.  The best part – when you run this cloth under hot water in your sink, all but .01% of that bacteria, dirt, oil and grease is released from the cloth down the sink.  So, there is virtually no transfer back onto clean surfaces.

A Better Clean

e-cloth is not just the best “green cleaning” solution and it’s not just the best microfiber cleaning. It’s the best clean you can give your home or office.  Using an e-cloth and just water can give your home the best clean it’s ever had with less effort and expense than your current cleaning method.

e-cloth is the best solution for the toughest cleaning challenges: Windows, Stainless Steel Surfaces, Bathrooms, and Kitchens.

Your windows and mirrors get a crystal clear clean and the glass is left lint-free and streak free. Your stainless steel surfaces will be smudge-free and fingerprint-free. Kitchen surfaces from counter-tops to sinks, stoves, and microwaves all clean up quickly and completely using just an e-cloth and water.

Better for your Family

All the moms out there are saying, “My family barely notices that the house is clean, how can it be better for them?” A surface cleaned with an e-cloth is free of two potentially harmful things: cleaning chemicals and bacteria. One of the scariest things ever written is this excerpt from a Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons study:

“Women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women working away from the home.” A 15 year study concluded that it is directly linked to the toxic household chemicals in the home.

The National Research Council reports that “No toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday use products.” Not only do you not know what chemicals you're exposing your family to, there isn’t a way to find out.

These chemicals leave residue on every surface of the home. Eliminating them is good for you and your family. We all know why it’s important to get rid of bacteria, but the chemicals we’ve been using to kill them might be just as harmful to us.

Better for the environment

We are often asked, “How can a cloth made of polyester and nylon be good for the environment?” That is a question we are happy to answer. e-cloths come with a 300 Wash Guarantee. You do daily cleaning with e-cloth and rinse the cloth out in the sink under hot water. Once each week, wash the cloth with your regular wash (do not use bleach or fabric softener) and they are ready for another week of cleaning. If you wash the cloth once each week, the cloths are guaranteed for about 6 years of cleaning. In six years, how many paper towels, wipes, spray cans and bottles of chemicals will you go through?

Eliminating or reducing the use of household cleaning chemicals is a major benefit to the environment. Those chemicals go down our drains and remain on surfaces in our homes. The cans and bottles they are sold in end up in our landfills forever. An e-cloth and just water avoids all of this mess.

Paper towels are also a huge burden on the environment. According to the EPA, “every day 3,000 tons of used paper towels are discarded in landfills”. It takes 51,000 trees per day to replace those used paper towels. By using an e-cloth to wipe up spills and accomplish those quick cleaning tasks, your home gets a more thoroughly cleaned surface, you save the cost of the paper towel and the waste doesn’t end up in our landfill. That is a lot of benefit from one simple change.

e-cloth really is a better cloth and a better clean. Still not convinced? Buy a Window Pack (our best selling item) and try it. We stand behind our products 100% and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. If you love our cloths and they disappoint you within 300 washes, we’ll replace it for you. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

* You may see a discrepancy between our website and our packaging in terms of fiber count.  How did we almost double the number of fibers overnight? MATH ERROR! For almost 10 years now, e-cloth has been operating under the impression that e-cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch. The truth is, we screwed up the math.  It is actually 3.1 million fibers per sq in. 480,000 fibers per cubic centimeter is the actual measurement and when we converted it to inches we erred. However you do the math, the error works in your favor. The number may have changed, but it’s still the same amazing performance.

It is e-cloth's fiber composition, fiber size, fiber processing and density of cloth that allows e-cloth to achieve extraordinary cleaning and drying, outperforming all other cleaning cloths and cleaning methods.

Fiber Composition For the most part, an e-cloth is made from polyester and polyamide (nylon). It is the chemical properties of these materials that naturally draw things into the fibers as you clean.  We pride ourselves on using highest quality raw materials in the world are used to make the micro-size polyester and polyamide fibers.

Fiber Size Unlike ordinary cloths, e-cloth fibers are designed and fabricated to provide maximum cleaning and drying power. Primarily made from polyester and polyamide, the tiny e-cloth fibers are 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers or 1/200th the diameter of a human hair. The fibers are the smallest in the world that can be made by man.

Fiber Processing During production, polyester fibers are split into eight pie-shape filaments (seen above) and polyamide fibers are split into an axle with eight spokes. The polyester pie shape filaments are combined with the polyamide to form a fiber that is 1/200th of a human hair diameter.

Fiber Density Each e-cloth is fabricated to have as many as 3.1 million* fiber strands per square inch of cloth. Nearly 500 million fiber strands are in each cloth.  e-cloth's filaments are so small and so strong; using just water they break up, lift, lock in, and clean deep down into the tiniest grooves and crevices. Dust, grease, oils, grime, dirt and bacteria are quickly and easily removed and locked away deep inside the fibers until the cloths are rinsed or washed.

Surfaces are cleaned so effectively that there is nowhere left for bacteria to grow. Surfaces are left polished and totally smear and lint free. e-cloths rapidly absorb 7 times their weight in water.

In addition, scientific research carried out by world renowned Silliker Group, has proven that e-cloths also remove over 99% of bacteria.

 Do yourself a favor and try this product - you won't be sorry..