Selenite & Himalayan Salt Differences & Similarities

Similarities and differences between selenite candleholders and Himalayan salt lamp candle holders

Selenite is typically white or orange and is a form of crystal or gypsum. Typically selenite is translucent and subject to water damage. Selenite is a calming stone that instils peace, is wonderful for meditation and spiritual work and is very pleasant and relaxing to look at. It creates a certain ambience in rooms where it is placed. 
Selenite Healing Crystal
Selenite is believed to balance energy, cleanse and remove negative energy and influences of all kinds. It helps the user improve their sense of judgement with conscious understanding and insight. Selenite also stabilizes emotions, assists with energetic healing, and some types of free radicals. 
Selenite Gypsum
Selenite is a self cleaning and recharging stone which means you do not have to charge it like you need to many other stones. Selenite is a fibrous crystal with natural fissures and fibers. They splinter easily so handle with care. 

Himalayan Salt candles are typically pink to orange in color and are made from salt which is a mineral. Himalayan salt candle holders are translucent and subject to water damage. They are pleasant to look at and have hygroscopic properties which reduct pollution in air. This means that the candle holders and lamps are beneficial to individuals with asthma. 
Pink Himalayan Salt Pakistan
Himalayan salt lamps attract pollutants and neutralize the air which helps individuals with allergies or asthma. They product negative ions which neutralize the effects of electrons. They also boost mood and energy levels and are beneficial to individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

Himalayan salt lamps are 100% salt, they absorb moisture and can dissolve in water. They also have a tendency to sweat in high humidity areas so expect a bit of salt to dissolve around it occasionally. These lamps are for indoor use only. 
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan salt primarily comes from the hills of Pakistan.