Selenite Meaning & Properties

Selenite properties and selenite meaning

Selenite is tubular in shape and has the Mohs hardness scale of 2, which means that this mineral is fairly soft. Selenite is a form of gypsum crystal, and one of my favorites. I have this in every room of my house and often give it to friends because of the amazing qualities it caries. Gypsum occurs on every continent in the world and is the most common of all sulfate minerals.  The name Selenite comes from the goddess of the moon Selene. The selenite meaning is easy to see when you look at the light it brings into home decor. Selenite properties, with its lack of durability, make it useful in carving due to its flexibility. 

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selenite healing properties

Selenite is the best crystal to seal the aura from energy leaks and susceptibility of unwanted energies entering the aura. Scan the aura with a wand or if working on yourself hold a selenite tower. Selenite is a protective stone and can shield a person or space from outside influences.

It is self-cleaning and will clean other stones, place them on a Selenite log or cluster. Use at the Crown chakra to raise your vibrations and connect with other dimensions. Make a crystal grid or layout to anchor the light body back to earth. Desert Rose: keeps you centered and calm while you are multi-tasking. Selenite has a powerful vibration and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. I have a few selenite towers that I like to use 2” is great for carrying around in your pocket when you have errands to run. The 4” selenite tower is good holding when meditating or even doing energy work. The 6” and 8” selenite towers I have around in my house. 

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