Selenite The Energy Clearer

Selenite is one of my favorite crystals of all time. I love all crystals of any form but there is something about selenite. I have selenite in every room of my home, lamps, sticks, stones, candle holders, towers, and wands. 
Raw Natural Selenite
Selenite feels amazing when you hold it. It is very grounding and calming. Selenite is great for clearing jewelry and any other stones that you purchase or bring home. A great thing about selenite is that it it does not absorb negative energy. It transmutes it to light because its crystalline structure is very much like fiber optics - long and very narrow. It has a program of transient energy where it moves stuff around instead of leaving it stuck and blocked up. Selenite doesn’t need clearing due to the clearing it does on its own. 
Natural Gypsum Selenite
Selenite is great for pain relief and sore muscles. You can put selenite in a handkerchief and lay it on the sore area. It can also help with meditation by providing a protective and energized space. 
Selenite Raw
Selenite crystals help to remover energy blockages in the body - The light bringer