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This is where fun is found. Water Beads are an excellent way to freshen your home naturally. Water Beads are great for adding ambience in any room, easy to use and non toxic. They are a fun sensory toy for kids who are being supervised during play. 

Water beads are typically to be used for floral arrangements or some other type of decoration to help control water absorption. Water Beads can grow up to 300 times their weight and are a type of polymer. While they are safe and non toxic these beads can be a choking hazard for children who mouth items. 

When water beads arrive they are dehydrated and very small. When they are put in water they can increase in size to that of a marble. There are many colors available on our website. Water beads that are expanded feel slippery and squishy.  They are a calming toy and are smooth on the outside and typically not sticky. After use you can let them go back to normal, tiny size, and reuse them again. 

There are so many things you can do with these amazingly versatile beads - Use your imagination and just play. 

*Water beads are nontoxic, but are not for human consumption. Take care not to wash them down the drain, as they may cause clogs.

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