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Foster's Lamp Cord

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Butterfly clip to fit a range of hole diameters
Made with a handy on/off switch button
Perfect replacement cord for your salt lamps bulb not included
Made well and is UL listed and CE certified
Cord set designed especially for use in Himalayan salt lamps, selenite lamps and other lighting applications

Brand new! Light bulb included! Simple to use! Clip-in lamp cord 64" black with on/off switch easily light salt lamps, pumpkins, villages, small figurines and more! These brand new lamp cords are ready to use, simply screw in a standard candelabra base nightlight or chandelier bulb, plug in and enjoy! Absolutely no wiring experience needed! These cords make it easy to light up salt lamps, small villages, Christmas scenes, pumpkins, night lights, and more. Completely assembled with on/off switch and molded end plug ready to use! Sockets take candelabra base light bulbs and clip into any whole 1.5" in diameter. Black spt-2 cord length is 64 inches long. On/off switch is 23" from socket. Candelabra base socket has a metal lining for positive bulb contact. This is a top quality lamp cord.