Water Bead Info

What is a water bead?
Water crystal gel or water beads are any gel that that is usually composed of some type of polymer that absorbs water and grows. When dry the beads are small and hard. Typically these beads are made for using in flower arrangements to add color, water, shine and texture to the water in the jar. These are not typically used for children to play with. Although they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly they should not be eaten. 

What do water beads look like?
Water beads come in many different colors and are normally very small and hard before the absorption of water. When added to water they absorb water and grow. They also change texture and become soft, and at times can be slippery. 
Water Bead Craft
Can water beads be reused?
Yes you can let them dry out and reabsorb water multiple times - 

Water beads are so much fun - the only limit to them is your imagination