Energy-Infused 7 pcs White Selenite Crystal Complete Set & Healing Kit: 1 Selenite Tower, Palm Stone-1 Oval 1 Heart, 3 Wands-Blunt Pointed and Raw, and 1 Desert Rose

6 piece Selenite Healing Meditation Set

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  • 6-7" Long Pencil Selenite Massage Wand
  • 4" Selenite SkyScrapper
  • Desert Rose Selenite
  • Carved selenite massage wand
  • 6" selenite Stick

2 Polished Selenite Massage Wands These Selenite Massage Wands are 6 to 7 inches long. Selenite has a very noticeable calming effect. Selenite Sticks are used in healing and spiritual work.

1 Beautiful hand carved Selenite Tower from Morocco. Selenite is a natural fiber-optic which makes these Selenite towers the perfect nightlight! Also great for crystal healing, energy work or just decor!

1 Selenite Palm Stone - Worry Stones are 1 inche long. Selenite has a very noticeable calming effect. Selenite is an excellent crystal for meditation and is used for opening the Crown Chakra and Calming the mind. It works best when placed on the crown Chakra, but has an overall effect even when placed in your hands at your side.

1 Desert Rose selenite stone - This stone is so nice to hold and is very unique. It does have some powdery residue so expect that. 

1 Rough Selenite Stick around 4-6" long - This is rough selenite and splinters easily

Selenite should not be placed in water to clean. This crystal becomes brittle and will dissolve in water.

Use Sea Salt to cleans, and sunlight to charge Selenite.

White Selenite has a distinctive grain and makes beautiful displays and can be carved or shaped into very unique pieces.

The desert rose selenite is so beautiful and Unique I love it!