New Shea Terra Organics Moisturizing Moroccan Rose Replenishing Beauty Water 4oz

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  • Sought after worldwide
  • Infused into fresh mountain water
  • Treatment for modern skin care

100% Natural

  • Toning
  • Hydrating
  • Masques
  • Relieves Redness

No longer a secret, Moroccan rose water is sought after worldwide for its delicate fragrance and anti-aging properties.  Infused into fresh mountain water in the Moroccan valley of Kelaat M'gouna, Damask roses impart their silkiness as they hydrate, tone and reduce redness.  An ancient Berber beauty regimen, pure rose water is a traditional treatment for modern skin care concerns.

No animal testing.

Made in USA

Masque:  Add Eau de Rose du Maroc to your favorite powdered masque.  We recommend Shea Terra Organics' Moroccan Lava Clay.

Toning/Redness:  Soak cotton ball with Eau de Rose du Maroc and gently wipe face.

Tip:  Soak cotton balls with Eau de Rose du Maroc and apply to sore, irritated eyes.

Ingredients: Rosa Damascena (Moroccan Rose Water)