Sunstone 6-Facet Pendulums from India

Sunstone 6-Sided Pendulums (India) (1" - 2") Facted Top w/Clear Quartz Bead

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These Sunstone 6-Facet Pendulums from India have a silver-plated chain with a Clear Quartz Bead at the end

To scry using a Pendulum, you hold the small end in your hand, remaining very still, and ask a yes or no question.  If the Pendulum moves in a circle, the answer is yes, and if it moves from side to side, then the answer is no. This is a very basic explanation, but let your intuition guide you.

When asking questions, try holding the Pendulum over your favorite stone or crystal for clearer answers.

Metaphysically, Sunstone is known for its powerful connection to the light and power of the sun. Sunstone brings light to all situations, and carrying a piece around with you can help your personal power to "shine."

Once known as a stone of good luck, Sunstone has a bright, joyful energy that increases vitality and lightens dark moods. Sunstone helps empower those who feel persecuted or abandoned by others instilling confidence, optimism, encouraging motivation, and positive action.

Sunstone is also useful in removing energy-draining ties to you or "hooks" into your energy by other people. Sunstone is a great stone for the Solar Plexus Chakra, but can clear and energize all chakras.

Sunstone was used by the Canadian Indians in medicine wheel rituals, by the ancient Greeks to represent the Sun Gods, and in ancient India for protection from dark forces from other realms.

The Pendulum chains shown may vary slightly from the example